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Custom QR codes are a quick and easy way to drive user engagement. My incorporating a QR Code into your posters, business cards or catalouges you can make it easier than ever for customers to find your website or social media accounts, or even download your app.








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QR Codes Overview

Because QR codes can contain much more data than the simple vertical-bars barcode, they have been gaining importance outside their original use in automobile manufacturing. They are great for tracking products, identification of objects, tracking time, managing various types of documents, and indirect marketing interfaces. They have become used extensively in consumer advertising applications.

Most users that start using them are pleased with the amount of action they get from snapping a picture of the square labels, instead of having to hand type in a lot of information. This is especially true for such codes, that translate directly to a complex web page Universal Resource Locator (URL), or web page address, so the user has no need to tediously enter a complex long address by hand. The use of these codes does require both QR reader software and the application system that actually uses the data that is decoded. Software is also available to enable anyone to create and print out your own QR code labels for whatever purpose you desire. There are also publicly accessible QR code web sites that provide the ability to generate labels for your own use. You will find them being used for different purposes.

  • Real estate signs
  • Registration for special events
  • Direct email marketing campaigns
  • Cafes and restaurant menus
  • Sales flyers
  • An e-Commerce web site
  • Polls and surveys